Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Religious" is ridiculous. Enough said.

Ok, I know, I should be writing my 15-2o page paper that is due tomorrow at 9 am but I'm on page 8, I'm burning out, and internet is just too tempting. While browsing through Yahoo's entertainment news (my favorite, of course), I read an article about the premier of a movie titled "Religulous," which chronicles the escapades of comedian Bill Maher in his attempt to sway public opinion towards his opinion that religion is ridiculous, but not only ridiculous, dangerous to the well being of humanity. Mmmmk. As I read the article, nothing he and his director and "fellow doubter" Larry Charles have done with this movie struck me as particularly groundbreaking. Comedians, actors, and writers have been mocking religion forever. Then director Larry Charles dropped an absolutely brilliant line explaining why religion is dangerous to humanity. Here it is for your reading pleasure:
"If I believe that Jesus is God and you believe Mohammed is God, then no matter how tolerant we are, we are never going to meet," Charles said. "All you have to do is push that one more step, then somebody's like, `You're in the way of people believing in Jesus,' and `You're in the way of people believing in Mohammed,' and the only answer is to kill you."

What a cool guy. Ummmmm.... last time I checked, Muslims were pretty serious about Allah being God and Mohammed being his prophet. That's kind of a completely different concept. Just saying, this guy and his comedian pal make a movie proving the ridiculousness of "religion" (while only representing the 3 religions that piss them off the most), and he really has no clue what the second most popular religion in the world (is Islam the 2nd most popular? I think so) is even about? Cool. (Note: sarcasm intended.) I think I should check this movie out. I can definitely learn a lot from this well-informed, educated, objective source.

Sunday, September 14, 2008